Precocious Prewedding Blues

by - Tuesday, December 31, 2013

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Too early to have this feeling, I guess. That's why I called it precocious...

I am in the state of : I am sick of it, I don't know what should I do. Serba salah bahasa gampangnya. My mommy told me that I should take care of this wedding stuffs by myself (since she did the same thing when she prepared her wedding). But when I arrange it, she reject almost all my proposal. Though she agree about it in the end, we always have a conflict first. I am tired of being judged as a girl who want to have a sophisticated wedding without recognizing her parents' ability. I am not like that, I am open to discussion. But please, don't judge me first. Please do not say 'no' before I explain it. Please treat me as an adult, not a daddy's little girl who beg for a toy. 

Now, I don't care, just do whatever you want to do, mom. Decide the things that you think the best. I'll just shut up. Manut bahasa jawanya. I don't want to mention any wedding stuff (lho kok malah jadi mutung critanya).

Maybe this problem is not that bad, I know my parents is not that cruel. Maybe this is just not the right time since I have pretty much load in the office, too many deadlines for myself (supervisor hunting, scholarship & summer course application). I got my period as well, perfect to create unnecessary drama. 

Then I should stop complicating my life.. Make it easy, bye bye my dream wedding. 

Wedding is just a beginning dear (self puk puk).


Bride to be

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