Latepost : Our PARIS trip

by - Saturday, September 06, 2014

Good afternoon.!

Greetings from Bandung! Apologies for the late post, we are so busy with the wedding prep and thankfully we are husband and wife now, Alhamdulillah :)

So how was our Paris trip? It was fun, and tiring as well. We only spent one and half day there. Surely that wasn't enough. We are planning to go there again, maybe next year, because my husband already took too much study leave this year.

We arrived in Paris at 6 am, then wandering around metro station, tried to find the way to our accommodation. We booked an apartment with 2 rooms around Eiffel Tower. Yes, it is cheaper to book an apartment compared to 2 hotel rooms in Paris. Paris is so damn expensive. Why 2 rooms? Of course because we were still engaged at that time, hehe. 
We had our breakfast in Champ de Mars, a park in front of Eiffel Tower. After check in, we went to Louvre Museum to took some pre-wed photos

Then we moved to another location :

At Arc de Triomphe

At Concorde

At Pont des Arts
We planned to visit Eiffel tower at night but sadly we failed to execute that plan. That's why we want to have another trip to Paris, hehehehe.

We woke up so early in the morning, we went to Eiffel tower, and here some photos, enjoy :)

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