by - Monday, August 31, 2015

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Yap, I am officially overdue because the due date of our baby was yesterday, 30th August 2015.
I have been trying almost everything to naturally induce the labour from week 39 on wards. You know, like eating spicy food, walking (long haul walking), squatting, exercise using birthing ball, etc.

At week 39+5, my midwife tried to do "membrane sweep" on me. This is a procedure aims to separate the amniotic membrane and cervix in order to trigger prostaglandin release. 
But she couldn't do that, my cervix was still closed. Oh well, the baby still wants to cuddle inside my tummy. 
The next appointment with my midwife is at week 40+5. I hope my cervix is thinner at that time, so then membrane sweeping can be performed. Or even better, I really wish I am going to deliver very very soon. Hehehe. I can't wait to see our baby. My mother and sister in law has been in London since 3 days ago, so the pressure is really "on". 

I know sooner or later my baby will born. It's just a matter of time. I just don't want to be induced. Here, in the UK, if someone reaches week 41+4 without any sign of labour, she will be strongly advised to have medical induction. Medical induction tends to be more painful and the delivery process tends to be longer than the natural birth.

Right, let's pray and hope for the best, and continue to be an active mommy-to-be.

Please please baby, come out soon :*


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