Weaning With Love : The end of our breastfeeding journey

by - Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Di post  ini saya akan bercerita soal penyapihan Nina, saya copy paste dari post2 saya di Instagram:

25 Agustus 2017

Today is our first effort of Weaning With Love, last night she cried twice, around 5-10 minutes each time. She eventually understood why I stop nursing her and then she fell asleep on my arm. This process is not easy, heartbreaking for sure, but I am so proud of her, she is understanding and willing to cooperate.

Dear My Karenina, we wean you because we love you, and we always love you, no matter what ❤️

26 Agustus 2017

Weaning with love day 2. 
Nina usually nurse me in the morning, in the afternoon right after she comes back from the nursery, and at night before sleep. I thought that she would ask for nurse yesterday afternoon (I have prepared my self to be consistent), but she didn't! I was so surprised that she still remember that she can't nurse anymore. 
So, because of that, I thought that she would fall a sleep without drama, but it didn't happened! (Surprise surprise). She cried twice again last night, but this time it was longer and louder (and I guess she showed her tantrum) 😭 I hugged her, reassured her, pat her and finally rocked her into sleep.

This morning she wakes up without drama, we have some cuddles, and she is drinking cow milk straight away and then playing with her dad. I hope she will be happy today, no more drama please...

27 Agustus 2017

Weaning with love day 3. 
We went to IKEA yesterday. She was nice, took a nap without fuss, and she slept with her dad without crying, literally, no dramatic cry at all last night, although she didn't want to slept alone in her bed. 
She wakes up happily, so I was guessing everything will be alright until nap time. She seems confuse, she cries and refuse to sleep although it is clear that she's exhausted. The nap process took about 1.5 hours, I have to carry her in the end, and she fall asleep within seconds πŸ˜“

8 September 2017
Lovely afternoon at Hyde Park, going to Diana Memorial Playground.
Nina had an ice cream as a reward of being weaned🍦🍦🍦 

I would like to share some tips about weaning with love according to my experience as follows:

1. Sounding since 2 months (or earlier) before you wean your child. Explain to them why they should stop to nurse. 
2. Reduce the frequency of breastfeeding gradually, give them a positive distraction when they ask for nurse.
3. Provide your child with her/his own bed before weaning. For me it is sooo helpful, because she sleeps better in her own bed, and thus reduce the frequency of night waking. Once she is settled in her own bed (about 1-2 weeks), start the weaning process.
4. Be logical and consistent. I stop nursing sooner than I thought because it was hurt (and was bleeding), I think because she accidentally bites me. I know that she was teething at that time (4 teeth coming together). I endure the pain until she wasn't in teething pain anymore. Soon after she was okay, I showed her that it is hurt, I showed her the 'wound', so that she understands. We tried our best not to lie during this process. I didn't use any unfavourable herbs, bandage, or red lipstick. Until now, every time she wants to nurse, she says 'bunda is hurt'. We are thankful that we didn't lie to her and we thank her because of her understanding.
5. Patient and do not mad at them if they cry or show tantrum. Although it is exhausting sometimes, remember that this process is not easy for them as well, keep showing attention and love, don't forget to comfort them using the methods that works best for you two.
6. Praise them if they can control their desire to nurse. Says : good job, you're big girl/boy now! And give them rewards, ice cream maybe? 
Good luck and happy weaning with love!

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